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10th March, 2017

Self Employed to see a rise in National Insurance Contributions 

12th  March, 2017

Information about what Making Tax Digital means for you and your business.

The Government want everyone to keep digital records and submit quarterly updates to HMRC.

19th March, 2017

The increases in National Insurance Contributions outlined in the recent budget have been scrapped.

28 March, 2017

A professional bookkeeper actually saves you money through less human error and the bills that get paid on time. 

1st April 2017

Xero's latest release has made the reports even better. 

You can now customise them to suit your business.   

11th April 2017

Keeping you up to date with the new tax year changes which effect your business. 

28th April 2017

Bookkeepers can help with the day to day accounts but they can also do so much more. Read this article to help you decide if a bookkeeper is right for your business. 

11th May 2017

Explaining how Making Tax Digital will affect businesses and the timelines involved.

21st May 2017

The HMRC requirements for a VAT invoice

21st May 2017

What do you need to keep? 

How should I organise my paperwork?

2nd July 2017

Advantages and disadvantages of running your business as a limited company. 

15th July 2017

The Government  announced  a more realistic timetable for Making Tax Digital (MTD). What is means and how it could affect your business.

15th September 2017

Undecided about whether you need to hire an accountant or not? Read this article to help you decide whether a bookkeeper or an accountant is right for your business.

15th September 2017

The Finance Bill 2017-19 lays out proposals for Making Tax Digital and outlines the the decrease in dividend allowance  starting from April 2018.

22nd September 2017

The responsibilities that a director has in the running of the business and the preparing of the financial statements.  

28th October 2017

Rosemary bookkeeping gives small business owners some top tips for their bookkeeping

1st November 2017

Click here for the key dates for people submitting Self Assessment Tax Returns to HMRC

5th November 2017

The new rules for helping small businesses to recover debt is called the Pre-Action Protocol. It came into force on 1st October 2017

22nd November 2017

How does the new budget affect you? 

The main changes for most people will be the increase in Income Tax threshold  and  minimum wage from £7.50 to £7.83 an hour from April.   

15th December 2017

New Year, New Resolution? Keeping your bookkeeping up to date is important. Taking on a bookkeeper can help prevent bookkeeping mistakes.

11th January 2018

The ICO, who are in charge of GDPR have published this guidance for small businesses. 

23rd February 2018

Many people are still confused about what GDPR will mean for them and their business. This article explains it in simple terms. 

1st March 2018

Many people don't realise that a bookkeeper can do a lot of things that an accountant does for a fraction of the cost!

Benefits of outsourcing bookkeping.

7th March 2018

New trial for self employed people for MTD

16th March 2018


We are nearing the end of the tax year. Have you done all you can to save tax?


Are you better off as a sole trader or a limited company? This article looks at the pros and cons of each.


Making Tax Digital(MTD) is a huge change in the way companies will have to report tax to HMRC. Many businesses are still using spreadsheets which will not be compliant. Once MTD is phased in accounting software will need to be used. What will your company do?

12th July 2018

This is a really useful article for small businesses and sole traders about how to create invoices that work and provide all the correct information to hopefully get you paid faster and on time!

18th July 2018

Do you know your staging date? Have you completed your declaration of compliance?

1st August 2018

Are you using Excel for your bookkeeping? Read on to discover the benefits of accounting software.

6th August 2018

Some parents don't know about this. There is help available to pay for childcare and clubs if you don't use the voucher scheme or are self employed.

8th August 2018

The majority of my clients now use Xero and I love using it too. HMRC have announced a list of software suppliers for Making Tax Digital for people to file their returns. 

9th August 2018

This is a useful article with things to consider when hiring a bookkeeper. 

22nd August 2018

HMRC have published updated information for businesses using online market places. Worth a read if it applies to you. 

30th August 2018

A useful update from HMRC for tax relief on equipment and uniform.

6th September 2018

This is a useful 5 minute read for anyone on the benefits of a mobile accounting app.

13th September 2018

A useful checklist to help ensure you are doing all you can to get paid fast for the work you've done.

16th October 2018

This is a useful list of FAQ's. Are you ready for Making Tax Digital? 

26th October 2018

Take a look at these tips from HMRC about how to stay safe online. 

30th October 2018

Great article about hiring your first employee.